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Friday, 19 July 2019

Nittin Hurgobin – Head of Supply Chain

One of the key areas of our commitment to environmental sustainability is manufacturing efficiencies. The Supply Chain team is passionate to leverage the opportunity this creates for us to deliver triple bottom line benefits; we benefit the environment, take costs out of our business and deliver superior quality coffee for our customers and consumers.

I’m proud to share a recent example of this which highlights the exceptional work of the amazing supply chain team at our Grinders Coffee roastery in Fairfield, Melbourne

In 2018, our Fairfield Roastery proudly reported that it exceeded targets for quality and efficiency, helping us reduce our carbon footprint by 14 per cent versus 2017. In 2019, we envisage a further reduction of 5 per cent through operational efficiencies and increased use of renewable and low energy carbon.

Our promise to quality is built on expertise of our internal QA/QC procedures, state of the art facility and continuously evolving roasting techniques. After investing in significant upgrades to our roasters, we partnered with one of the industry’s leading roasting experts and coupled with our internal knowhow, our roasting processes were further optimised to positively enhance the overall taste profile of our range of quality products to delight our customers.

Whilst enhancing the quality of our product range highlighted the capability and passion of Grinders Coffee’s drive towards continuous improvement, the initiative also contributed favourably to a reduction of gas usage during our roasting process. Our pledge to a sustainable environment remains one of our core priorities and the ability to genuinely deliver a better customer experience as well as optimising operational efficiency, reinforced our focus to challenge the status quo.

This is only a start as Grinders Coffee’s commitment to environmental sustainability remains at the forefront of our core strategy and we intend to further build on this legacy.

We constantly monitor our environmental performance through regular internal and external audits to ensure we meet stringent quality, safety and environment requirements. We also follow our own strict set of Responsible Sourcing Guidelines and report on environmental sustainability, as part of supplier sustainability assessments covering all key suppliers. Each year, we complete all mandatory external reporting such as that required under Australia’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme, National Pollutant Inventory and the Australian Packaging Covenant.

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