Wholesale Coffee


Our mission is to create a strong connected community, consistent quality coffee and share innovation in the coffee world. We connect the farmers that pick the beans, to our master roasters, the expert baristas and the millions of coffee lovers across Australia.

We are proud of our long-lasting café partnerships. These relationships are based on mutual respect and trust as we are committed to delivering on our partners unique business needs. We ensure we invest in our partners, helping each one find the perfect coffee blend, create a memorable experience or develop their in-house expertise. The Grinders team is here to support.

Our ambassadors work with partners to deliver business growth strategies, including creating a model that will help individual businesses thrive and connecting them to their surrounding community.


Wholesale coffee refers to the bulk distribution of coffee from coffee roasters to retailers, such as cafés and grocery stores. These retailers then sell the coffee to consumers at a profitable price. Opting for wholesale coffee supply provides numerous advantages, especially for new businesses in the industry. It allows retailers to foster a productive relationship with customers by consistently providing high-quality products at competitive prices, while reducing operational costs and enhancing profit margins through discounts on large orders.

To choose the right coffee for your café, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Reputation. Select from reputable wholesale coffee bean suppliers who maintain high standards, a commitment to sustainability and a love for all things coffee. Get to know their background in the specialty coffee industry, their involvement in promoting eco-friendly practices and the cafés they currently supply.
  • Relationship. The coffee industry relies heavily on relationships. Partner with wholesale coffee roasters who show genuine interest in your business, as a strong relationship will contribute to success in all aspects of your business.
  • Flavour. Be it a distinctive single origin or a sophisticated blend, the best wholesale coffee beans should cater to your customers’ preferences. Work with roasters who are committed to developing the perfect coffee blend that will appeal to the palate of your target audience.

At Grinders Coffee we are committed to providing exceptional support to our partners, not only by helping each one find the perfect coffee blend, but by working with them to deliver on their unique business needs. As a partner of Grinders Coffee, you will enjoy:

  • Marketing support. Recognising that each partner has their own unique set of business goals, Grinders offers customised marketing solutions to elevate their coffee experience. These solutions include bespoke signage, café concepts, point of sale materials and graphic design. Additionally, Grinders supports its partners with digital marketing strategies, social media influencer campaigns, joint promotions and event activations, all focused on promoting their freshly roasted coffee beans and exceptional coffee offerings. But it doesn’t stop there. Grinders Coffee marketing programs cover in-cafe activations, flagship cafe promotions, creative execution, off-premise POS materials, event involvement and a range of consumer merchandise.
  • Equipment. Grinders takes pride in providing top-of-the-line equipment and innovative technology to its partners and flagship stores, ensuring the best coffee beans are brewed to perfection. We ensure that all our equipment complements the quality of our coffee beans, resulting in an enhanced coffee experience. Grinders carefully assesses each partner’s requirements, customer preferences and volume to find the perfect equipment solution for their business.
  • Training. Grinders Coffee Roasters offers comprehensive, tiered barista training programs in both classroom and in-café settings. These programs cover a wide range of topics, from crop to cup coffee education and quality control to building practical skills at all proficiency levels. The training modules include fundamentals for building confidence, intermediate courses for baristas seeking to develop their skills, and advanced sessions for those looking to master coffee knowledge, brew ratios, recipe creation and latte art.

Sustainable Coffee Roasters

Beyond our commitment to providing exceptional partner support, Grinders is equally dedicated to employing sustainable practices throughout our entire operation. 

We are committed to cultivating a sustainable future for the industry by prioritising ethical sourcing, responsible manufacturing and environmental stewardship. With 100% of our retail coffee range ethically sourced and over 70% certified, we have supported farmers and their communities through partnerships with Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand and Rainforest Alliance. Grinders Coffee is also working towards 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, striving for packaging neutrality and reducing waste through better design and recycled content. Choosing Grinders Coffee as your wholesale coffee bean supplier means joining us in our mission to promote sustainability in every aspect of the coffee experience.

Is there a price list available for wholesale coffee?

Determining wholesale coffee prices is contingent on various factors beyond merely supplying freshly roasted coffee beans. Depending on your preference for equipment, technical support, training, marketing assistance and business support, the pricing process can be fairly complex. To receive a comprehensive and customised price quote tailored to your specific requirements and to enhance your coffee roasting experience, we recommended speaking with our local team of coffee producers. Our team will work with you to design the perfect package to suit your unique business needs.


Dedicated coffee territory managers & 24-hour customer service line.

Mutually agreed frequency of visits

Industry leading quality assessments completed on every call.

Industry leading CRM system to ensure productivity and consistency across all partners

Tailored marketing support for individual customer needs


Seamless Onboarding Journey

Collaborative business plan

A joint business plan, truly partnering with our customers.


Understand the needs of our individual customers and build bespoke solutions (signage, café concepts, point of sale, graphic design), supportive digital strategies, social influencer campaigns, joint promotions & event activation support. 


Classroom and onsite barista training, consulting business owners


Ongoing customer and equipment service and support

Account management


As a partner, we continue to share our knowledge and innovation learnings.
Grinders Coffee Roasters offers a tiered training through classroom and in-café settings.

We offer an extensive crop to cup coffee education,
created to build knowledge and practical skills.



Build confidence in using equipment and 
understanding of the coffee process, or simply refresh your skill set. 



Targeted to Barista’s who wants to advance and take control of their coffee space. 



The opportunity for Barista’s to build on their coffee knowledge, understanding Brew ratios, building recipes and advanced latte art


Grinders prides itself on providing the very best in innovative new technology and equipment to our customers and to our flagship stores. We believe selecting the right equipment makes the most of the quality beans that we produce and therefore delivers better coffee experiences.

Our partners are assessed to find the best technical solution for their needs, their customers and their volumes. We match the right brands, machines and systems to the business perfectly.


Our commitment to high quality coffee is much more than just tasty espresso. We want to support our partners in making every part of their coffee experience better.

Grinders is fully committed to supporting our partners with the following marketing programs:



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