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Maia (S33) – Factory Second

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We ship coffee all around Australia via TNT & Australia Post however not internationally
Our retail beans and ground are available in all national retailers including Coles, Woolworths and Indies
100% of our coffee beans and ground are ethically certified under the retail packs along with our Source Blend under the café range
We have coffee capsules that are compatible with both Nespresso and Caffitaly systems, what’s even better is our Nespresso capsules are fully compostable!
Grinders® packaged coffee blends have a shelf life of 24 months from its date of roasting. The harmful elements that coffee is exposed to are heat, moisture, light and oxygen. Once exposed to these elements the quality of your coffee will deteriorate. It is best to store coffee, beans or ground, in an air tight container away from strong smelling foods and in a cool dark place (e.g. pantry). The fridge or freezer is not the appropriate places as this will take the temperature of coffee to an extreme, drastically affecting the freshness.
The Grinders® production plant, located in Fairfield VIC, has a state of the art roasting facility with two world-class Italian designed and built Brambati roasters; a 120kg and a 300kg. The plant is fully automated and the roasters are PLC controlled which allows the master roaster to carefully monitor and replicate the best roasting profile for each green bean origin to ensure quality and consistency. The plant has also the latest technology packaging machines to ensure the freshly roasted coffee is packed at its best.
Grinders® Coffee beans are sourced worldwide, including Rainforest Alliance, Organic and Fair-trade beans. Origins include Brazil, Ethiopia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and India.
Simply call 1300 476 377. We would love to discuss your requirements.

Arabica (coffea arabica)
Arabica coffee is characterized by its sweetness and acidity, its fruity and zesty flavours and intense aroma. It has a light to medium body and a soft mouthfeel. It contains on average about half of the caffeine of Robusta.
Grinders® uses premium grade Arabica coffees sourced from growing regions around the globe including SE Asia, Africa and South America.

Robusta (coffea canephora)
Robusta coffee is characterised by its woody and earthy flavours. It has lower acidity and a heavier mouthfeel. It is traditionally blended with Arabica beans to achieve excellent body in an espresso.
The Robusta trees are high bearing and disease resistant. Grinders® uses high grade robusta coffees predominately from Uganda and India.

The coffee industry internationally refers to coffee countries as origins. Well known coffee origins are Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. A single origin beans is one that has only one origin in it and may be from a specific part of that origin.

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