Grinders Coffee supporting customers in the community


Friday, 24 April 2020

Grinders Coffee is helping Australia say thank you to the thousands of essential healthcare workers by shouting them free coffees as they work around the clock to keep us safe.

Doctors and nurses at Queensland’s Toowoomba Hospital were among the first to benefit, with Grinders Coffee recently teaming up with on-site café Well Bean Co to shout 1,000 free coffees.

“Being a health worker can be incredibly hard on any normal day but add in a health crisis and the pressure can sometimes be overwhelming,” explained Alison Kennedy, CEO of the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation that supports 22 hospitals in Queensland’s Darling Downs region.

“These amazing individuals are giving up their time and making many sacrifices to care for our community during these challenging times, so just knowing that someone has their back, even for something as small as a coffee, is just amazing.

“We have had such an outpouring of love and support from our community wanting to help our health service in any way they can, it has just been absolutely amazing”, she continued

“To help relieve a little bit of the pressure, to help give them a little boost to get them through their shift during these tough times is really special. The Foundation is so thankful for the support from Grinders and we know our hospital staff are too,” Alison said.

“This health situation has shown us that you don’t need to have much to truly make a difference and to show your appreciation. Buying a coffee or writing a note of thanks are pretty powerful things to do.”

For Sally Byrne, General Manager, Grinders Coffee, the support for the Toowoomba Hospital is just another example of Grinders Coffee supporting the community in their time of need.

“Our success lies in sharing great coffee with our community. This is the absolute least we can do to support our frontline health workers and we will continue to provide all the support we can to get through this,” Sally says.

Visit the Grinders Coffee website to learn more about how the Melbourne-based roaster is supporting healthcare workers and Australian businesses.

About Grinders Coffee Roasters

Grinders Coffee was established in 1962 in Lygon St, the centre of Melbourne’s famous Italian Quarter by Italian migrants Giancarlo Giusti and Rino Benassi to bring the authentic taste of European coffee to Australia.

Today, it remains true to its ‘Streets of Melbourne’ heritage by delivering a premium coffee experience, using the highest-quality green beans from around the world, including Fairtrade and Organic products. As the largest branded roaster of Fairtrade green beans in Australia, since 2008 Grinders has sold more than 2.3 million kilograms of Fairtrade Coffee and generated over A$1.4 million to support 795,400 Fairtrade farmers and their communities in 537 cooperatives from 31 countries across the world.

Still roasted in Melbourne, Grinders coffee is available nationwide, thanks to the work of a dedicated team of sales, equipment and service specialists, along with coffee training professionals and state-of-the-art coffee training facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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