SOCO Roasters

The Society of Coffee

SOCO Roasters is simply about pursuing a better coffee for Society.  

SOCO Roasters believes society deserves better Coffee by animating your experience. We’re building ‘The Society Of Coffee’.

SOCO blends are roasted to perfection. We roast the freshest green beans from each origin separately ensuring flavourful beans with distinct characteristic. The drinking experience is elevated by the skill and technique involved in artisanally roasting each type of bean.

We believe in supporting better working conditions for farmers, gender equality at farms and improving education at rural schools. Sourcing Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee for our signature Community blend, means that you can be confident that you are supporting a better future for people and nature. 

Rainforest Alliance supports farmers to follow more sustainable farming practices that help improve crop yields and income. They also strive to improve the livelihoods and promote human rights of all farm workers, protect forests, and help farmers mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. The Rainforest Alliance is working towards a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.

SOCO Roasters, which made its public debut at the 2019 Melbourne International Coffee Expo is now a favourite of cafes around the country. 

Welcome to the Society of Coffee 



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Roasted daily in Melbourne | Free delivery for orders over $60

Introducing SOCO Community Blend

SOCO Community Blend is a versatile, fruity and complex three origin blend made up of 100% Arabica Rainforest Alliance Organic coffees from Ethiopia Sidamo, Papua New Guinea and Nicaragua.

In the cup it’s a fruit-bomb as a black option and cuts through milk with its sweet caramels and malt notes. The mouthfeel is smooth, viscous with a rich body and a syrupy aftertaste.


Roasting time: 12’52”
Drop temperature: 204’
Agtron reading: 70.8 (Light+)


Dried fruit & chocolate, medium acidity with a malty and caramel aftertaste. 

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