Mama’s Meals from the Rowena Corner Store


Tuesday, 07 April 2020

A feel-good story when we need it the most

Rowena Corner Store isn’t your typical café. It is distinctly Melbourne.

In their own words, they are a ‘hefty serving of traditional Mediterranean provincial cooking, add a splash of international goodness and a pinch of modern innovation and simmer slowly over a warm Richmond flame’

It is this thirst to innovate and adapt that has seen the business grow during the midst of COVID-19. It has reinvented itself by taking its ‘Mama’s Meals’, it’s roasted Grinders coffee beans, freshly baked pastries and turning it into a favourite local grocer.

Melbournians in Richmond are now able to enjoy their Mama’s Meals in comfort and safety of their own home.

While many businesses are struggling, with some even forced to shut down, cafes like Rowena Corner Store are shifting their business model to quickly adapt to the new way of life.

For ConCoustas, Owner of Rowena Corner Store, the health crisis has changed his business but given him the opportunity to innovate and operate differently. “While our 100-seater café is gone, we have changed our focus into grocery, and our takeaway business. For us, our kitchen pantry has now been turned into a source of income.”

“Our managers are meeting every day to discuss any new Government measures, speak with our staff, look at our numbers from the previous day, but also look at challenging their creativity and innovation.”

Rowena Corner Store, like the rest of the Grinders community has been offered the Grinders Care Kit, which provides customers with tools and tips to helping businesses continue to operate in these uncertain times.

From marketing support to social media tips and tricks, along with the latest information on government stimulus packages and mental health support; the Kit is about starting the conversation and keeping everyone connected.

For Con, maintaining some level normality amongst the health crisis is a priority for Rowena Corner Store’s staff and customers. “We are in this together; όλοι μαζί -óloi mazí (all together in Greek). “

To find out more about Rowena Corner Store, check out their website.

For more on the Customer Care Kit, click here to download.

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