As a partner, we continue to share our knowledge and innovation learnings. Grinders Coffee Roasters offers a tiered training through classroom and in-café settings.
We offer an extensive crop to cup coffee education, created to build knowledge and practical skills.


Build confidence in using equipment and
understanding of the coffee process, or simply refresh your skill set. 



Targeted to Barista’s who wants to advance
and take control of their coffee space. 



The opportunity for Barista’s to build on their  coffee knowledge, understanding Brew ratios, building recipes and advanced latte art.


Our fundamentals training program is a great course for those who want to step beyond being just a coffee drinker and want to ignite a love for coffee.

It will give you tools to shop better, converse better and drink better, whether you are a barista or not.

The course is 4 hours and split into the sections on the right.

  • Farming
  • Picking
  • Processing
  • Preparing
  • Grinders History
  • Bean Quality
  • Fairtrade Coffee
  • Blends
  • Bean Origins
  • Extraction and Flavour Balance
  • Station Basics
  • Equipment names
  • Hygiene
  • Safety
  • Espresso Technique
  • Dosage
  • Grinder Concepts
  • Grind Settings
  • Cleaning and Shutting Down
  • Espresso Recipes
  • The Espresso Matrix
  • Understanding Volumetrics
  • Over and Under pouring
  • Milk Recipes
  • Milk Frothing
  • Temperature and Wand Technique
  • Milk Texture
  • Milk Safety
  • Wet & Dry Sides
  • Grinder Fine Adjustment
  • Perfecting Extraction
  • Perfecting Recipes in the Matrix
  • Honing Equipment
  • Introduction to dockets
  • Managing Station
  • Multiple Orders
  • Special Requests
  • Managing Milk
  • Timeliness
  • The importance of Crema
  • Texture for Latte Art
  • Pouring speed
  • Three layer tulip


For the working barista who wants to hone your skills, do justice to the coffee beans and seriously start impressing their customers.

The intermediate training will share more artistry and get
you up to speed with making great coffee in a fast paced, humming cafe.

The course is 2.5 hours and split into the sections on the left.


Our advanced training course is the perfect way to take all your skills up a notch and make your cafe run like a well-oiled machine.

Here a barista will build on their coffee knowledge, understanding Brew ratios and building recipes.

The course is 2.5 hours and split into the sections on the right.

  • Extraction adjustments for Flavour
  • Understanding all variables
  • Setting Volumetrics
  • Cut the Shot
  • Hitting the sweet spot
  • Brew Ratios
  • Different dosage sizes

Meet our
coffee specialists

Alec Zeta

Alec Zeta

Coffee Specialist, VIC

Grinders Trainers- Glenn Bailey 2

Glenn Bailey

Coffee Specialist, SA

Grinders Trainers- Jonathan Goldthorpe 2

Jonathan Goldthorpe

Coffee Specialist, NSW

Dale Pollard

Coffee Specialist, QLD
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