In-home Education

Grinders Coffee Tutorials

Here you’ll find a selection of educational videos on how to get the most out of your at-home coffee maker. From Espresso machines to Stovetop and French press, we take you through the step-by-step of how to operate your coffeemaker and master the art of at-home coffee preparation. With additional tips on coffee grinding and achieving that shiny, velvety milk texture, you’ll learn how to make the perfect barista-quality brew in the comfort of your own home, everytime.

The Basics of Coffee Extraction at Home

This is all the information I wish I knew when I started making coffee. I have tried to keep this short, simple and not geek out too much. But, we want you to understand how to get the most delicious Grinders Coffee, no matter how you’re making it.

Brewing Aeropress At Home

Aeropress is loved by many for its portability, durability and flexibility when brewing coffee. You can do so much with this little brewer, but we’re going to show the most basic method for getting a great cup of Grinders coffee.

Brewing Plunger At Home

Plunger or French press is an easy way to brew delicious Grinders coffee at home with little effort or investment. This method is a little different from the traditional method and should give you a cleaner coffee without the sludge and grit often found with this style of brewing.

Texturing and Pouring Milk at home

We love our coffee and milk in Australia. Follow this guide to pouring milk to get the most out of your latte, cappuccino or flat white using your favourite Grinders Coffee.

Grinding Coffee at home

Grind size can have a great impact on your chosen brew method. Immersion methods such as French press and Cold Brew often call for a more coarse grind as the coffee is being immersed in water for a longer time. Methods that use pressure such as espresso, stovetop usually call for a finer grind and extract for less time.

Brewing Stovetop At Home

A Traditional Italian brewing method for coffee. Can be a lot of fun and give you a great tasting Grinders coffee. Also Known as a Moka pot & caffetiera, this stovetop brewer comes in different styles and materials but the most common is the Bialetti octagonal pot in aluminium.

Brewing Espresso At Home

At Grinders, we understand coffee. We also understand that all home machines are very different. So try to follow our guide as much as possible whilst working with the recommendations from the coffee machine manufacturer.

Brewing Cold Brew at Home

Cold brew has been steadily growing in popularity year on year. It has less acidity and bitterness than hot brewed coffee so the sweetness shines through. It’s really easy to make, as you will see in this animation, and tastes great. Throughout summer or if I am travelling, I always keep a bottle handy in the fridge for a caffeine hit.