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Purchase Coffee Syrup Online in Australia

Only a few things in this world can bring delight as pure as a cup of freshly brewed coffee. And for many coffee lovers, adding a little extra flavour to their favourite drink makes mornings even better. That’s where Grinders comes in, with our rich, aromatic varieties of coffee syrup originating from different parts of the world.

Whether you're longing for the sweet smell of burnt sugar, that nutty aftertaste or milky texture, we have just the right mix to integrate with your daily caffeine hit. The best thing about it? You don’t need to be a barista to create a cup of coffee that’s uniquely blended to perfectly fit your taste.

How about some drinking chocolate or black tea?

If chocolate warms your heart, Grinders offers milk chocolate powder that uses cocoa beans sourced from the world’s well-known cocoa regions. Our rich, smooth-tasting blends are available for purchase online in 25g sachets and 1kg bags—so you can have your hot chocolate any time of the day. If you insist on your caffeine fix, we also have coffee with notes of dark chocolate!

Do you favour the calming effect and health benefits of tea? Try our English Breakfast Tea. Made from blended black teas, it’s pleasantly stronger than white teas and some green teas, the type that could stand up to sugar or cream. And let’s not forget one of the most beloved flavoured teas in the world, the Earl Grey Tea. Both are made from black tea leaves and available online in boxes of 100 envelope tea bags.

What are the health benefits of drinking tea?

Many claim tea is a superfood and it does indeed have many health benefits - enough to make drinking black tea a regular habit. Besides, anything you consume that gives you the feeling of comfort , can be beneficial to your health - whether that’s plain black tea, green tea, hot chocolate or any type of coffee.

The components in coffee not only perks you up but can also support your brain and heart health, among other things. Drinking chocolate has no shortage of nutrients either, not to mention it’s great to pair with different foods. You get to enjoy its numerous health benefits while relishing its deliciously sweet and rich taste.

What makes black tea different from green tea?

Green and black tea are two of the most common types of tea. Every tea aficionado has enjoyed them, and for anyone who is new to tea culture, these two are often top-of-mind. What separates one from the other boils down to the variety of the plant and how the tea leaves are processed, which gives them their distinct colours.

Black tea is heavily oxidised compared to green tea, resulting in the dark-coloured tea leaves and stronger flavour. In fact, the former contains a higher level of caffeine than the latter (yes, teas also contain caffeine). Anytime you think of consuming black tea, remember that you’re doing your health a favour. Get your black tea extract from Grinders, and you’re giving yourself some peace of mind.

Express your individuality with your choice of drink or flavour

Whether you're a caffeine lover, a proponent of sugar and cream or intoof anything with a stronger flavour, you'll find something at Grinders. We carry a wide selection of products for varying tastes and for everyone’s drinking pleasure. Our coffee syrup selectionalone spans chai, hazelnut, vanilla and caramel!

Your favourite coffee flavour, drinking chocolate or black tea delivered to your doorstep

Grinders’ coffee syrups, drinking chocolates and black teas are ready for home or business use. For orders over $60, we deliver from our home base in Melbourne to anywhere in Australia for free. In addition to the products mentioned, we also offer coffee beans, specialty coffee, single origin coffee, ground coffee, coffee capsules, coffee machines and accessories, milk frothers, etc.

Drinking black tea on the go?

If you plan on drinking black tea, coffee or chocolate while you’re on the move, you need a functional container. Nothing spoils the experience more than having to deal with constant leaks and spills. That’s why people on the go love our easy-to-clean, collapsable cup (a.k.a. the perfect travel mug or camping cup) and our street blend cups, inspired by graffiti art from the lively streets of Melbourne.

More than top-quality black teas, coffee syrups and drinking chocolates

With Grinders, you’ll get more than the perfect vanilla flavour to add to your coffee or the best accessories to enhance your black tea consumption. We proudly say that over the years, we have delivered not only fantastic products to our customers in Australia but also top-notch customer service and support. How about our free delivery promo for a start?


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