Delivering great
coffee with unique
single origins

Delivering great coffee with unique single origins

The Grinders single origin program will see limited runs of different single origins with distinctive flavours allowing cafes to serve coffee in a different way; like brewed as filter.

Grinders single origins are roasted to perfection, small batch roasted. Small batch roasted ensures freshness and consistency.

The drinking experience is elevated by the skill and technique involved in an artisanal roast of each single origin coffee


A program that combines trends, creativity and quality so our cafes can experience great coffee.

Our Single Origin program shares our cafes desire to stay one step ahead, to embrace the trends that define
& create something original for the coffee lovers.



Tanzania espresso coffee, fully washed process, features lovely citrus, black currants dark chocolate. Tanzania is located within the African Great Lakes region, 3rd largest coffee producer in Africa, producing some of the most unique coffees around the world.
Kongoni Estate is in northern slopes of the Ngorongoro crater, with abundant rainfall and has deep rich volcanic soils. In the valleys between the foothills, there are rivers and lush green foliage where the animals from the Ngorongoro conservation frequently wander. The coffee cherries are hand-picked sorted for only red ripe cherries, weighed at the farm and passed through a disc pulper, fermented in tanks for 72 hours, washed in channels and then dried on raised drying beds. Coffees are turned regularly and checked to ensure they receive enough sunshine to sustain the drying process, takes 18 to 20 days to complete the drying process. The coffee is then stored in conditioning bins for a couple of weeks before being taken to the local dry mill for hulling and grading.



Ethiopian filter coffee, grade 1 washed process, features Apricot Floral Lemon & Lime Mandarin Orange Mango Pineapple. Ethiopia is a place of ancient culture, worlds one of the oldest countries, on the Horn of Africa. Ethiopian coffee is known for their complexity and a distinct wildness in their acidity.

Smallholder coffee farmers in the respective villages and the surroundings deliver handpicked coffee cherries directly to the respective coffee processing facilities owned by Melkalti Trading PLC. Once the farmers deliver the coffees, further quality improvement practice is carried out through manual labor to sort out under ripe, overripe and insect/pest damaged cherries. For both processing types, only well-ripen red cherries remain for further processing activities.

The coffee cherries are taken directly from farm to coffee processing sites for sorting out. Only well ripen red cherries remain for pulping using a locally made washed coffee processing machine called Agard. Immediately after pulping, coffee is soaked under water for 48 hours to undergo wet fermentation. During this period, water is changed every 24 hours. This round of fermentation is completed after confirming that the mucilage is completely removed through washing the parchment coffee using clean water.


A coffee that is grown in one region or area. A blend is a mix of single origin coffees which gives it a more complex flavour whereas a single origin will have usually have a more pronounced and one dimensional taste profile.
Apart from being high quality specialty grade coffee, it gives a more one-dimensional taste profile to the coffee to allow you to taste specific flavours and experience new and exciting coffees. Producers are constantly developing new and exciting techniques to bring you new flavours in your coffee.
Our master roaster gathers lists of all the latest specialty grade coffees from importers then shares it with our coffee specialist team around the country. The team makes a shortlist of what they want to try before we get samples to cup as a team. We then decide what tastes best and suits the needs of our customers.
We roast in small batches on our new 15kg roaster. Every roast we do is cupped by our QA team but our single origins also get the nod of approval from our coffee specialist team before distribution.
Espresso roasts are usually a little darker in colour making the coffee more brittle and soluble to give you heavier, richer traditional espresso flavours. Designed for espresso machines. Filter roasts are usually lighter in colour and retain more acidity and the naturally occurring fruit flavours of the coffee bean. With filter you will often have more complex flavours with tea like consistency. Best suited for methods like Plunger and Pour Over.