January Barista of the Month – Meet Jade

Kristy Aylmore

Monday, 23 January 2023

Charles Baker Donuts & Coffee is the regular morning pit stop for the Eight Mile Plains locals. Think fluffy fresh doughnuts stuffed with melted chocolate, and a creamy coffee to go with. They’ve got the sweet treats and morning kickstart coffees down pat, that’s for sure.

Meet Jade, Head Barista at Charles Baker Donuts & Coffee, who is partial to a delicious dough sweet and responsible for slinging that silky espresso goodness for city travellers and locals alike.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was originally working at a golf club where I learnt the basics as a barista. Then I had an opportunity to work as a barista at Charles Baker Donuts and jumped at the opportunity.

What is your favourite part of working as a Barista?

The fast pace, when it’s busy regulars come back and I get to see their faces. I love the people, it’s so much fun!

If you could give baristas one tip to help baristas make better coffee, what would it be?

Definitely consistency. When you’re doing it every day, you find your rhythm and groove.  Consistency of your technique and practice is the key. You also need to focus on your cleanliness and get to know your space and your customers.

What new trends or changes have you seen coming from your customers or the industry?

Foam levels changing in coffee. For example, there is less foam on a cap, more foam on a flat white, all milk coffees are becoming much the same!

What do you think is special about Grinders Coffee?

We’ve been a customer since we opened the business and Sam our Territory Manager is lovely.

What’s your favourite menu item from your café?

Definitely the donuts, you can’t go past the donuts, which are of course great with a Grinders coffee. The Avo on Toast and B&E Roll are good too.

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