Grinders Guide to Single Origin

Kristy Aylmore

Thursday, 13 October 2022

Specialty coffee is a mystery to many and you may be experiencing it for the first time.

We take a look at Single Origin coffees with some frequently asked questions plus some added links to some more complex topics.

Welcome to Grinders Guide to all things Single Origin.

What is Single Origin?
It’s a coffee from one region in one country. One single origin. This gives the coffee more defined characteristics compared to a blend that will usually have more complex flavours being coffee from many origins.
What is a processing method?
Let’s keep this really basic. So, coffee is a fruit, a cherry with 2 seeds inside. All coffee goes through some sort of fermentation process.
Washed or wet coffee has the fruit removed from the seed soon after picking and is washed before being fermented in tanks. Dried or Natural process is often washed before being left as whole cherries to naturally dry out and ferment on beds for a couples of weeks or so.
There are other processing methods that are combinations of these such as honey process and more modern techniques such as adding specific yeasts to manipulate the fermentation process.
Each Single Origin will be different and can be brewed differently. We’ve got a few tips to get you started.
Most importantly, good water that is filtered or bottled as this will have a great affect on taste and extraction. If you want to make adjustments to your brew, always change one element at a time. (grind size, dose, temperature etc)
Brew Ratios and Recipes
A brew ratio refers to the amount of water used with an amount of coffee.
A recipe is basically a brew ratio plus a brewing time and a suggested grind setting.
To calculate how much coffee to use, work out how much water you want to use first. Let’s say you’re If you’re using a ratio of 1:10 (1 part coffee to 10 parts water) and you want to brew with 1 litre of water.
1000 ÷ 10 = 100 (Water ÷ brew ratio = coffee dose).
If you have 100g coffee and you want to work out how much water to use:
100 x 10 = 1000.  (Coffee dose x brew ratio = water)
Batch Brew
Start with a brew ratio of 1 part coffee to 15 parts water. A good starting recipe is 900mls of water in your brewer for 60 grams of coffee. (900 ÷ 15 = 60). If you are using a Fellow ODE grinder we would recommend a grind setting of 3 for the above amounts. If you’re adding more coffee, try adjusting your grind slightly coarser. 
Cold Brew
Cold Brew can be brewed in a variety of ways depending on how you want to serve it. You can brew concentrate at a 1:5 ratio and dilute with milk or water to taste, or you can brew at 1:10 to serve black. Use coarsely ground coffee. Will remain fresh for over 1 week if refrigerated.
Suggested recipes:     
Black – 2000ml water 200g – 200g Coffee.
Concentrate – 1.25L water – 250g Coffee.
Let us know how you go!
Reach out to use on Social media. Tag us @grinderscoffee on your Single Origin escapades and we can share on our Social Stories.
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