Welcoming our newest Single Origin, Peru – Finca Flor Morada.

Kristy Aylmore

Friday, 21 October 2022

Grinders Single Origin Program

Grinders Single Origin program is designed to deliver great coffee with the most sophisticated and unique single origins. The Coffee Specialist team, work with Production and Marketing to source fresh season crops with interesting flavour profiles.

The program will see limited runs of varying single origins.

Welcoming our newest Single Origin, Peru – Finca Flor Morada.

We’re excited to announce our next single origin which will be a washed coffee from Peru.

It is a Filter Roast. Great for longer brew methods such as batch brew, plunger, pour over, Aeropress & cold brew.

With taste notes of Panela, Stone Fruits and Dark Chocolate. Producing a sweet, complex, refined cup of coffee.

The Origins

Sebastian Alcantara is the owner of Finca Flor Morada (Pink Flower Farm). Located in the north eastern region of San José del Alto, Flor Morada is only a stone’s throw from the border with neighbouring Ecuador. Sebastian is the neighbor of La Palestina, one of the most famous farms in the area. Suffice it to say he is deeply ingrained in the community. Since the unfortunate passing of his wife he has been in charge of his farm for the past few years, forging his own path. Despite this Sebastian will meet you with a strong face, dressed in formal attire. In many ways, he is a mixture of old and new.

Today Sebastian is cultivating primarily Bourbon and Catuaí on his 3.5ha farm however He is transitioning to Marcel, a variety that has great quality in the cup. Yields are relatively strong with an average productivity of 20 quintales of parchment per hectare (~1100kg/ha).

Flowering occurs during September and October, with harvest spanning from June through to September.

The Coffee

First orders from 19 September, with a first roast 26 September – until sold out.

Available to purchase in 250gram bags.

Try a cup in one of our Grinders Partners Cafes or shop our Single Origins online.

Happy brewing!



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