Behind the bean: Master Roaster Giuseppe Cianchi’s guide to consistent quality


Wednesday, 26 August 2020

What does it take to consistently serve the best coffee in Australia? Just ask our Master Roaster, Giuseppe Cianchi, who has more than 20 years coffee roasting experience and passion to deliver the perfect cup of coffee.

Becoming a Master Roaster is no easy feat. As Giuseppe puts it, “being a master in any profession requires a high level of skill that can only be obtained with years of practice while learning about the science and craft of the profession.”

From selecting the raw beans to delivering them to your café, Giuseppe has led the team in developing a system to maintain the consistently high-quality and delicious coffee you’ve come to enjoy.

Right from the start, we source our beans from the same reliable and sustainable farms through incredible organisations like Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance.

“A few of us in the Grinders team, on different occasions, have had the privilege of going to some of our green coffee farms, and seeing firsthand the importance of coffee for the livelihood of many farmers around the world,” Giuseppe said. “These are farms we strive to build long term relationships with so we can increase the farm’s productivity and the quality of the beans, as well as improve the wellbeing of the workers and their families.”

Once the team has completed testing the crops, the raw beans are brought to our roastery in Melbourne where our experts get to work cleaning the shipment of any foreign objects like metals and stones before the roasting begins.

From there, the beans go through a second cleanse using our colour sorter; this sorter uses colour and infrared cameras to separate out any residual foreign objects, and to detect any over or under roasted beans which could add an unpleasant taste to the blend.

Finally, Giuseppe and the team put their money where their mouth is by taking part in the daily tasting ritual, known as cupping.

“Every single one of our batches of packed coffee is approved by the Quality Cupping team before being delivered to our distribution centre,” Giuseppe said. This part of the process is critical as we want our customers to enjoy a better coffee experience, every time.

Once signed off, these bags of freshly roasted coffee are ready for you and your baristas to complete the magic coffee ritual and giving Australians the coffee that they know and love.

In Giuseppe’s words, “Why do we have the passion for coffee?  Why do we get up in the morning and long to go to work? It’s that passion and that love for the product (and the team) that makes all the difference. People that know their “why” will make the difference because they will always strive for perfection no matter what.”


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