Our new Single Origin is here, Rosa Miriam Games

Kristy Aylmore

Friday, 24 February 2023

Grinders Single Origin Program

Grinders Single Origin program is designed to deliver great coffee with the most sophisticated and unique single origins. The Coffee Specialist team, work with Production and Marketing to source fresh season crops with interesting flavour profiles.

The program will see limited runs of varying single origins.

Welcoming our newest Single Origin, Honduras, Rosa Miriam Games.

Our new Single Origin has been releasedRosa Miriam Games.

A fully washed coffee from Honduras.

In the cup it has taste notes of chocolate, blackcurrant and black tea.

Perfect in this weather as a cold brew and just as tasty as espresso or batch brew.

The Origins

Coffee is Honduras’ main agricultural export, creating over a million jobs during harvest season.

Of the 102,000 small holder producers, our standout is Rosa Miriam Games who produced this delicious specialty coffee on her farm in Piraera while raising her two boys.

Rosa is a member of the Tierra Lenca Women’s Cooperative, a group of 16 female farmers who have continued to improve their coffee quality through collaborative decision making.

Grinders Coffee is proud to be supporting this cooperative by donating funds for the women to setup a communal roasting space where they can roast and retail their coffee to the local community to generate extra revenue. We will share more about this project as it progresses.

The Coffee

First orders from 21 February, with a first roast 27 February – until mid May or sold out.

Available to purchase in 250gram bags.

Try a cup in one of our Grinders Partners Cafes or shop our Single Origins online.

Happy brewing!

Tierra Lenca Women’s Cooperative
Rosa Miriam Games who produced this delicious specialty coffee on her farm in Piraera

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