Meet Glenn Bailey – Coffee Specialist SA/NT


Wednesday, 04 December 2019

Question: Glenn, tell me about your career path before joining Grinders Coffee?

I started with Grinders Coffee almost four years ago. I have been involved in the coffee industry for almost 16 years, including owning and operating my own business for 10 years. I was also involved in business development for a coffee franchise.


Question: Why did you join the Grinders Coffee team?

I have always had a passion to train and develop people to become better. When the role of coffee specialist for South Australia and Northern Territory popped up, I thought it was a great opportunity to get involved in a company that has a focus on quality in the cup. I knew I wanted to be a key driver in the success and growth of any company that had a passion for quality.


Question: What is a coffee specialist?

The coffee specialist is your dedicated coffee professional; we are the go-to in our business for all things coffee, and we are on the pulse of what the coffee industry is always doing. We are highly passionate individuals that excel in delivering Quality and Training while facilitating all classroom training and upskill all field team members with the focus to drive quality in the cup.


Question: What are the key ingredients to delivering a better coffee experience?

Quality and consistency are the key. The price customers pay for a cup of coffee doesn’t change whether you are busy, quiet, short staffed, closing, opening, or it’s a weekday or a weekend. The price stays the same. A barista’s job is to deliver the same high quality and consistency every time. As a coffee specialist, it is my role to ensure we give baristas all the tools and knowledge they need to deliver a quality coffee experience.


Question: What are the key challenges facing the coffee industry?

The big talking point in coffee, and the world, is sustainability. Grinders Coffee is committed to leading a sustainable future for the coffee industry. Our focus is to leave a positive legacy and ensuring minimal impact on the environment and working responsibly in all we do.


Question: In your opinion, what is the Grinders Coffee’s area of focus for the next 12 months?

Our area of focus is on sustainability, recyclability and recovery.  We’re committed to ensuring 100 per cent of all our packaging is recyclable by 2025, which includes: all the packaging for our Grinders coffee beans and full ranges of teas and chocolates (including all outer packaging); as well as our Grinders Café Espresso System, which encompasses our range of coffee capsules and capsule machines. The process has begun already with the reduction of the paper used in our takeaway coffee cups by 40 per cent.


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