Meet Dale Pollard – Coffee Specialist


Wednesday, 04 December 2019

Question: Tell me about your career path before joining Grinders Coffee?

Coffee is in my blood. I have worked in the coffee industry for seven years. Before I joined Grinders Coffee, I worked in several cafes including head barista in a café in Brisbane, Queensland; now, I am the State Coffee Specialist and Trainer for Grinders Coffee in Queensland.


Question: Why did you join the Grinders Coffee team?

The people. First and foremost. I knew I was working with some high-quality quality, exceptional coffee people when I joined Grinders Coffee, and continue to work with some amazing people.


Question: What is a coffee specialist, and what is the process to becoming a specialist?

Drinking, loving and wanting to improve coffee and the people who make it. Doesn’t get any simpler than that; I love my coffee.


Question: As a coffee specialist, what are the key ingredients to delivering a better coffee experience for customers?

I believe quality in the cup is central to delivering a better coffee experience, which then ties in with our we engage with our customers and understanding and catering to their needs.


Question: What are the key challenges facing the coffee industry and how is Grinders Coffee trying to address?

Waste and global coffee price are two key challenges facing the industry, and of course for Grinders Coffee. We, at Grinders Coffee, have a key part to play in our we deliver better environmental outcomes for our customers and consumers, including sustainable packaging and use of single walled cups.


Question: In your opinion, what is the Grinders Coffee’s area of focus for the next 12 months?

I would say continuing to build our brands, whether it’s through training and improving quality in the cup or through promoting new premium blends like SoCo; our goals are to amplify our quality blends and brands.


Question: When customers visit a Grinders café, what experience do you want them to have? And why is it so important?

I want them to feel involved in the beverage they are consuming, whether it’s just a short conversation with the barista, or longer one about the coffee they are drinking; I think the experience should be immersive and informative and the customer should be the arbiter of these conversations.


Question: And finally, what is your first coffee of the day? How do you take it?

Depends on the day, normally a one & one, batch if I’m in a rush, V60 if it’s a slow morning, and cold brew if I’m on the road.


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