Managing a Coffee Roastery During COVID-19


Thursday, 16 April 2020

Our roastery in Melbourne is where all the magic happens to deliver the highest quality coffee in every cup, in every hand.

Roasting fresh coffee and serving the public since 1962, we hope to help bring some positive energy to all Australians and continue to keep everyone caffeinated.

Our Head of Supply Chain, Nitin Hurgobin, talks about how the roastery is continuing to support customers and increasing demand during these unprecedented times:

‘We have seen a huge shift in business models of cafes to adapt to the current climate who are now retailing coffee beans, a massive spike in our E-commerce orders and high transactions through our retail partners as more individuals consume their coffee at home.

As we manoeuvre through this ambiguous period with volume shifting from one market segment to another, our flexibility to adapt and evolve our product offer will be critical to meet our customer/consumer expectations.

To ensure we continue to service our customers and keep our people safe, we have already commenced several precautionary measures – these include additional procedures and restrictions for all site visitors, additional hygiene and sanitisation routines in all facilities, altered work processes and shift routines to minimise risk and meet demand.

Our cupping sessions have also been reviewed and are now being conducted with only a limited number of experts to ensure the integrity of our products remain faultless as well as ensuring our people operate in safe working environment.

Our commitment to deliver on our purpose where we believe everyone deserves a better coffee experience, remains stronger than ever as we focus on enhancing our core range as well as driving innovation to meet the evolving customer and consumer needs.’

To learn more, check out the Grinders Coffee website or Facebook and Instagram

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