Grinders Coffee has a new look

Kristy Aylmore

Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Grinders Coffee for the first time in over 10 years has a fresh new look to be available in major retailers and online across Australia.

Grinders Coffee’s new look but same fresh beans, which are roasted and packed in Melbourne, will be hitting the market from June 2024.

Australians have very high standards when it comes to coffee. As one of the leading coffee brands in Australia, Grinders Coffee continues to bring great innovation with their new premium look. The range under the new look include their Crema, Espresso, Rich Espresso and Organic.

Part of the fresh new look, Grinders is also launching a slimline pack for the 200g ground.

‘The new premium packs have illustrations on the side that speak to the Grinders philosophy, connecting each of our major pillars through fun and light-hearted attitude’ said Burcu De La Cruz, Marketing Manager at Grinders Coffee. ‘Our strong heritage is one of quality and about making sure we are doing our best to stay connected to the needs of our community’. Burcu continued.

Grinders want everyone in their community to thrive and live well, and by supporting a sustainable product not only means a better future but makes coffee better now.

  • Grinders Crema 1kg Beans are the best performing SKU (both sales value and units) in Grocery in the 1kg Beans segment.
  • Grinders driving the growth of the Beans category, contributing 34% of the growth of the Beans category.
  • Grinders Beans sales growing +18.2% YoY, ahead of the Beans market which is growing at a rate of +8.2%.

From humble beginnings on Lygon street, Melbourne, where the first espresso in Australia was poured Grinders has grown into a trusted quality roaster supplying to cafes, restaurants and leading retailers across Australia. It is now Australia’s 5th largest coffee roaster.

Sixty years on, Grinders is still leading the way in coffee and is today one of Australia’s most trusted coffee brands – but remains true to its heritage established by Giancarlo. With the help of their master roasters and bean hunters, their beans are carefully and sustainably sourced and roasted to perfection to create that delicious confluence of flavour and aroma that makes the coffees is unique. It’s a process they have mastered over generations and continue to tweak and perfect to taste. Every. Single. Day



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Grinders Coffee has a fresh new look

Grinders Coffee for the first time in over 5 years has a fresh new look to be available in cafes and restaurants across Australia….