August Barista of the Month – Meet Yuki

Kristy Aylmore

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Located on the fringe of Adelaide CBD and nearly 10 years old, Nest BCB offers a modern dining experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 364 days of the year.

Owner Jim, thrives on making sure people start their day on the right note, with a fabulously good coffee. And there is no better coffee than that lovingly made by Head Barista, Yuki.

Committed to her craft, Yuki knows how coffee works, weighs every shot and takes no short cuts to ensure every single coffee goes out to the highest of standard.

Welcoming to Yuki to Grinders Barista of the Month.



What do you love about coffee?

Coffee is like a book that never ends. The standard keeps changing and improving, new techniques, new tools, new latte art and different brewing methods. There is always something new to learn. I love how people are happy and inspired when you make a coffee that is exactly what they ask for!


What is you go-to coffee order?

It depends on the time of day and how I feel. Usually an espresso first, followed by either a flat white or piccolo.


If you could give baristas one tip to help baristas make better coffee, what would it be?

Practice makes perfect! Everyone is different. Some baristas are good at milk and some at espresso. The most important thing is to pay attention to every coffee, as it can change.  You need to know what you are doing, know your coffee beans. You have to do right by the coffee and extract the most delicate flavours. Keep challenging yourself!


What new trends or changes have you seen coming from your customers or the industry?

Alternate milks. One day alternate milk will take over normal cow milk I believe. 2 years ago, I would say it would be almond milk but now I think oat milk will be more popular.


What do you think is special about Grinders Coffee?

With other commercial coffee roasters, the coffee isn’t that special. After I started to work at Nest and using Grinders, I understood the commitment of Grinders to sourcing and roasting the freshest of coffee beans to give the most flavoursome blended coffees.


What’s your favourite menu item from your café?

The cakes! I can’t choose my favourite, they’re all good. We have 20-30 different kinds of cake! Oh and the new addition of the cajun chicken piadina. Wow!

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