June Barista of the Month – Meet Aleisha

Kristy Aylmore

Friday, 30 June 2023

Located in the heart of Brisbane’s Woolloongabba, Mr Badgers Delicatessen offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. A European inspired menu featuring local ingredients from our deli with great seasonal produce, accompanied by a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, it truly is a unique experience.

We spoke to head barista, Aleisha, about her addiction to Grinders Coffee, learning the art of coffee with support from the Grinders team and why Mr. Badgers is the best place to work in Brisbane.

What do you love about coffee?

I love how much of an art form it is. The more I learn, the more I appreciate. Other than my raging caffeine addiction.


What is your favourite part of working as a Barista?

How much I am constantly learning and improving my latte art.


If you could give baristas one tip to help baristas make better coffee, what would it be?

Be patient, learn how to control your grinder & what recipe your beans like the best.


What makes Mr Badgers Delicatessen a great place to work?

The best team in Brisbane! An amazing setting with a built-in tram. Every team member is a personality hire.


What’s your favourite menu item from your café?

The best Reuben in town and thickshakes to knock your socks off.


What new trends or changes have you seen coming from your customers or the industry?

The growth of alternate milk and matching them to certain coffee types can make or break an order.

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