November Barista of the Month – Meet Ked

Kristy Aylmore

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

You may recogonise this month’s Barista of the Month. Ked from the monumental, Metropole Café, in the Queen Victoria Building Sydney CBD.

Ked is the second barista we’ve featured and it’s hard not to when you have two incredible baristas at the same café. Ked was the winner of 2019 Grinders NSW Barista competition and Moo, Ked’s partner in coffee, was guest judging the competition as he was a top 12 ranked Australian latte artist.

To see barista workflow at it’s peak, head into Metropole anytime, especially when Ked and Moo are working together.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I started working as a cook but wanted to improve my English, my boss at the time pushed me out of the kitchen saying the only way I would learn is by talking to customers, so I learnt to become a Barista. I now love the customer interaction and learning about people. When I started working at Metropole learnt latte art which made me love coffee, my go to coffee drink is espresso at work but I love exploring filter coffee, different varietals, processing and origins.

What do you love about coffee?

I love how everyone is happy to share in the coffee industry. My “big brother” and co-barista at Metropole. Moo, inspired me to be better at latte art. I have several friends in the coffee industry and we all share coffees that we love with each other.

If you could give baristas one tip to help baristas make better coffee, what would it be?

Understand how to taste espresso and dial it into recipe. Know your coffee so you know if it’s not tasting right and how to fix it because to be a good barista, you need to use your eyes and ears but especially your taste.

What new trends or changes have you seen coming from your customers or the industry?

Younger customers are drinking more black coffees than ever before, especially cold brew. And we’re selling lots of oat milk.

What do you think is special about Grinders Coffee?

I started working with Grinders Coffee 8 years ago and it was like opening my first book on coffee. I learnt everything I know working with the team at Grinders Coffee.

What’s your favourite menu item from your café?

The chicken club metro, toasted, I have one almost every day.

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