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Giancarlo Verona 1kg

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Celebrating Grinders Coffee 60th Anniversary, for a limited time we introduce our Giancarlo Verona Blend.

The aroma is of intense dried fruit, and the flavours have a nutty almond character and pronounced earthiness. The long, smooth aftertaste is of dried fruit and a distinct earthy note. As an espresso, the result is a muted sweetness and heavy body. When combined with milk the earthy pungency of the Robusta coffee rises above the sweetness of the milk to produce a memorable, strong coffee experience.

Giancarlo Gusti

Since 1962, we have been delivering quality coffee with passion and expertise. and we do not intend on stopping. Giancarlo Gusti, fresh to Australian shores, set out to bring the tradition of espresso to his new home. Cafe culture thrived in Melbourne’s Lygon St, and more and more people wanted the better coffee experiences created by Grinders Coffee Roasters. Since day one our goal has been the same, make better coffee. We constantly evolve to meet Australians expectations, progressing with their palette, their ethics and their identity. With the help of our master roasters and bean hunters, our beans are carefully roasted daily. The freshest green beans are poured into the Grinders roasters and emerge aromatic, flavourful and ready to be ground. The drinking experience is elevated by the skill and technique involved in artisanally roasting each type of bean.

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