Caffitaly Capsules

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The Caffitaly System 

For the discerning coffee lover who craves the convenience of coffee capsules but doesn’t want to compromise on a barista quality brew, Grinders Coffee presents Caffitaly Compatible Capsules. Championing a unique design, Caffitaly Compatible Capsules enjoy a specialised two filter construction to ensure an even water distribution for a smooth flavour everytime.

To enjoy the full range of Caffitaly Compatible Capsule flavours, from Crema and Double Espresso to Hot Chocolate, Grinders Coffee portable Minipresso machine is built for seamless Caffitaly compatibility.

Enjoy a light or full bodied coffee─It’s up to you

Whether your tastes lie with a classic cappuccino, a flat white, a latte or with the intense richness of a strong espresso you might get from a long black, Caffitaly Compatible Capsules offer a variety of delicious flavours to accommodate every type of coffee devotee. 


From a coffee with an intense body, rich with floral and chocolatey notes, to a cup with a sophisticated fruitiness, balanced with hints of malt and honey, and everything in between, Caffitaly Compatible Coffee Capsules capture a diverse range of blends derived from both arabica and robusta coffee beans sourced from around the world. 


Grinders Coffee offers a selection of espresso, double espresso, smooth espresso, crema and decaf varieties for uninhibited choice in your pick of light, balanced and strong roast intensities. 

Buy Caffitaly Capsules Online 

For a refined coffee experience─a cafe quality cup of espresso in the convenience of a capsule─treat yourself to the smooth distinctive flavours of Caffitaly Compatible Capsules. Buy Caffitaly Compatible Capsules online at Grinders Coffee to enjoy your regular coffee order in the comfort of your own home without ever having to compromise on aroma, body or taste.