KARMA is my….. Grinders Coffee

Kristy Aylmore

Thursday, 22 February 2024

It’s a love story…. just say YES!


You belong with me!


If you hadn’t heard? The infamous Ms Swift is in town and has performed to her BIGGEST crowd of her career at Melbourne’s MCG!

So, we believe it’s the perfect moment to raise our cups (and our friendship bracelets) to honour our coffee loving spirit and history, created from the Street of Melbourne.

Enjoy a playful perk-me-up from us! From today till the last day of Tay-Tay’s Sydney concert, receive $20 off your online Grinders Coffee order from our online shop. Orders must be over $80 for the $20 SWIFTY voucher to apply.


Be Swift 

Offer ends midnight Monday 26 February 2024.

Plus, free delivery on all SWIFTY orders.


The fine print

Use Coupon Code SWIFTY on Check Out.

Coupon Code not applicable to sale items.

Coupon Code not applicable to Machines or Timore/ Hario products, Spare Parts or Franke Products.

Minimum of $80 must be added to the cart at checkout for Coupon to apply.

Coupon Code expires 26 February 2024 Midnight.



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