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Organic Beans 1kg


Made from 100% Rainforest Alliance & Organic sourced Arabica beans The aroma is strongly of sweet fruit. Additional nutty & chocolate notes develop through the flavour… but overall the delivery is of fruity sweetness. The acidity is light, the body medium, and the after-taste, fruity… but with a hint of chocolate.

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Organic Coffee Beans

Indulge in the warm, aromatic delight of our freshly roasted organic coffee beans. It’s more than a beverage; it’s a conscientious choice for the discerning coffee lover.

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Grinders Coffee presents our 1kg Organic Blend, a distinctive blend of 100% Arabica beans, medium roasted to unlock a fruity, nutty, and chocolaty taste that is both mellow and smooth.

As one of Australia’s leading coffee brands, we ensure our organic coffee offering is ACO Certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified. These certifications reflect our commitment to eco-certified organic practices that value the social, economic, and environmental pillars of sustainability.

Unveil the best organic coffee experience in the comfort of your own home from your very own coffee mug, knowing that you’re part of a greater cause. Perfect for those who value quality and ethics in their coffee, our roasted coffee beans promise a flavour that is just as delicious as our conventional coffee. Order today and savour the delight of our 1kg Organic Blend and our 1kg Source Blend.


Organic coffee refers to the cultivation of coffee beans without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, or harmful chemicals. Organic coffee beans are grown in harmony with nature, allowing them to ripen naturally on the plant. These methods not only produce an enhanced flavour but also contribute to reducing pollution and preserving topsoil.
Coffee is nutrient-rich, offering vital vitamins and antioxidants that support focus, concentration, and overall wellbeing. Choosing organic coffee ensures that your beverage is cultivated using natural and sustainable farming practices. These practices prioritise the health of the environment, the workers, and the consumers, while also contributing to unique flavours and aromas.
Not really. Well not because it’s organic anyway. Although not all of our packs are certified as organic, many contain a portion of certified organic coffee. For us to put the certification on the pack, 100% of the beans must be certified organic. Many coffee producers choose to grow coffee organically or with minimal intervention, however it can be more challenging to obtain a certification. Coffee will vary in taste due to where it’s grown, how it is processed, roasted and brewed, but not necessarily because it’s organic.

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In addition to our Australian Certified Organic beans, Grinders Coffee takes pride in offering a wide variety of conventional roasts, including blends, single origin beans, and ground options. From the boldness of dark roast beans to the subtlety of a light roast or the richness of a medium roast, our extensive range promises a cup for every palate. Order online and discover the refined quality of our roasted coffee beans, ready for your kitchen or café. Whether you prefer organic or conventional coffee, Grinders Coffee has a bean to suit all coffee lovers.

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