The Immersion Education Series #Social

Kristy Aylmore

Monday, 24 June 2024

Is it time to step off the content-creation hamster wheel and get your social first on?

We chat all things SOCIALS in Grinders Coffee Immersion Education Series with two of our industry experts.


Immersion Education Series #Social

If you feel like you’re constantly chasing likes, shares, new followers and trends AND getting nowhere.  You need to nail a social first approach that puts the audience at the centre of your universe.


Social Fixation

When it comes to understanding where audiences are going and how to engage with them, Mirko from Social Fixation is the boss!

Which merging social trends do you need to watch? (and ignore) Which new apps and platform features should you embrace? And how do you build a social-first culture within your business, where social media drives insights and action.

We ask Mirko for his top two tips:

  • Tip 1: Consume social media, like a chef tastes their food. You need to look at the platforms you want to be in, find some companies that do it well and replicate with your own spin.
  • Tip 2: Anyone can create content and manage your social media. You don’t have to be an expert. Remember to be genuine, realistic and give it a go. Enjoy creating and making content, if you relate to it, your customers may too. If it’s taking too long and you’re not enjoying it, find the right person in your team to give some ownership of your social media.

Social Tactics from The Immersion



How can Grinders Coffee help?

Grinders Coffee Ecomm and Digital Manager, Kristy, shares how together Grinders Coffee and their cafe partners can elevate their brand online.

Empowering co-creation with our café partners and creators to understand why it’s so important (and the risks if you don’t) Kristy encourages you to embrace this new era of collaboration between you and your brand advocate, Grinders Coffee.


Want more?

Want more practical tips and hints and cafe partner examples? Pour yourself a delicious Grinders coffee and make yourself comfortable, so you can watch the full keynote speaker Social session online.

The Immersion Social Session

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