The Immersion Education Series #Signature Drinks

Kristy Aylmore

Saturday, 06 July 2024

This cafe trend is an exciting one…


Signature Drinks!

There are many reasons why this is trend is growing so rapidly, and if you haven’t noticed their growth in the market already, you will after be reading this.

In a tough economy, cafes must look for new ways to increase average spends and bring in the profits. Gen Z are diving into caffeinated beverages and not impartial to something a little indulgent. Consumers constant pursuit of flavour and quality is encouraging pushing of boundaries on food and beverage menus. Signature drinks are also usually very Instagram-able to drive trial in your venue. They can be sold at a higher price point and sell throughout the day. Customers won’t stop their morning routine coffee, but a signature drink is designed to sell all day and increase the average spend without cannibalising the morning coffee rush.


The Immersion Signature Drinks



So, what exactly is a signature drink?

We see it as a drink that is an expression of the venue where it’s being served. It should fit with the rest of the menu, be highly photogenic and of course, tastes great.

Signature drinks have been part of the World Barista Championship for decades, but often aren’t transferrable to your average café.

Think of a cocktail that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The most famous signature drink that comes to mind is the Pumpkin Spice Latte, from Starbucks. Like it or not, the major coffee chains such as Starbucks are responsible for many coffee trends over the past decade.

Some locally famous examples of a signature beverage is, the Mont Blanc from Good Measures Café in Carlton. A spin on an Irish Coffee with single origin batch brewed coffee, a layer of cold cream on top with grated nutmeg and orange zest. 2000 cups per week are said to fly out the door at this venue at $8 each ($16K/Week revenue!)

The Tiger Bomb, by Tone Coffee in Prahan. A cold signature drink created by World Latte art Champion, Caleb Cha. Tone have sold 14,000 of these drinks in 6 months since opening.

If you’re not convinced on this concept already, here are the key reasons why it’s a great idea.

  • A good signature drink can boost foot traffic into your venue,
  • bring in new customers,
  • and drive revenue.
  • Prices are often sitting around $10 and they are often enjoyed later in the day after a routine coffee in the morning giving customers another occasion for a coffee.


Signature Drinks


Getting started  

When creating a signature drink, it’s important to make something that represents your venue. In doing this, you can also look at existing ingredients you use and compliment something from your food menu. Of course, we think it should always contain coffee and most of the popular ones do, however this is your show. We recommend using one of our seasonal single origin coffees which can be brewed as a cold brew or hot batch brew depending on the season. Have a look at the cocktail world for inspiration and if you’re lucky enough to have a liquor licence, get a coffee cocktail onto the breakfast menu to further drive revenue with an even higher price point.

It should be a sensory experience for customers so aim to provide an eye-catching drink, that is delicious in taste and texture. Try using more premium ingredients to attract a higher price point. You’ve heard of food envy; a signature drink should create drink envy.


Talk to us 

Reach out to your Territory Manager or Coffee Specialist if you would like some support, have any questions, or need a taste tester.

As part of The Immersion our NSW Coffee Specialist, Dan Radocaj and our coffee specialist team took some lucky customers through a signature drink creation session, seen in many of these photos, so our team is well equipped to assist you.

Grinders Coffee Specialists

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