Simple Act of Gratitude from Grinders


Tuesday, 07 April 2020

We are proud to have witnessed the strong resilience that has emerged from our community over the last few weeks. To thank our partners who are doing it really tough right now we sent out a small gift to help keep their spirits high.

We understand that cafes, and the wider hospitality industry, are feeling the impact of current climate. Businesses are finding innovative ways to continue to operate and serve their customers, and here at Grinders we aim to continue to provide support, where possible.

Following on from the Grinders Coffee Care Kit that we launched earlier in the week, we are exploring best ways to continue helping our partners and show each and every one of them support.

This is only the beginning, our Grinders Community will continue to be our  number one priority as we get through these times together.

Stay safe and stay caffeinated

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