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Hario Switch V60 Immersion Dripper set


The Hario V60 is the champion of manual coffee brewers. The Hario Switch has the added feature of a switch to allow you to stop and start the flow of water, allowing you to switch between immersion and pourover brewing styles. 

The simple way is to fill the V60 up to the top and when your brew is ready (2-4 mins), simply press the switch to drain your brew into the server.  You can experiment with the Hario Switch to get the brew you prefer. Refer to our education section here (insert link – open in new window – to understand the process. 

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Colour: Black

Dimensions: 130mm (W) x 115mm (D) x 215mm (H)

Capacity: 200ml

Weight: 700g

Materials: Borosilicate glass, Rubber, PCT Resin, Stainless Steel

Made in Japan

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