Coffee Machines & Equipment

Enjoy the deliciously rich flavour of our expertly crafted coffees at home Free shipping for orders over $60 – in Australia only!

Buy Coffee Machine Online in Australia

If you are looking to buy a coffee machine online, look no further than Grinders. With all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect in a professional coffee machine, our compact coffee capsule coffee machines are the highest quality and can take a range of coffee capsules, which we also have available to purchase online. Made from industry standard materials and built to extract coffee in its purest form, our coffee machines are designed to give you the best coffee drinking experience!

What About a Coffee Machine with Milk Frother?

We offer coffee machines with built-in milk frothers and standalone milk frothers to suit your needs and budget. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, our milk frothers are quick and use safe induction heating methods with automatic settings for latte, cappuccino and hot milk texturing. Deliver perfect frothed milk for your favourite coffee beverages every time with our built-in milk frothers and standalone milk frothers.

Do You Need a Special Machine for Espresso and Cappuccino?

Whether you want a coffee machine for espresso or a coffee machine for cappuccino or latte, our coffee machines are purpose-built to handle any type of coffee beverage. The best part about our coffee capsule coffee machines are how versatile they are, and guaranteed to give you that perfect short or long espresso pick-me-up, or the indulgent foaminess on top of your creamy cappuccino. With fully automatic drink settings, optional built-in milk frothers, and easy cleaning – we make your favourite cup of coffee easier to make than ever before, so you can sit back, relax, and sip away.